10 November 2014 - 13 February 2015

This show returns to major themes Nanda Vigo has worked on during her career, from her earliest works in the 1960s (Chronotops) to her most recent (Deep Space), the first variations of which she showed in 2013. The title "LIGHT TREK" suggests the trajectory of light that has always guided her and which is represented in the exhibition by four emblematic works: 1) The Chronotops of the '60s, which are today shown at the Guggenheim Museum in New York as part of the exhibition 'ZERO: Countdown to Tomorrow, 1950s '60s' from October 10th to January 7th, 2015; 2) the Light Trees that provided her with one of her major research directions during the '80s, and which served as a period of transition in which technology and poetry were brought together to best express vital forces and the aspiration to verticality typical of trees; 3) the works that go under the name Light Progressions, from a project undertaken at the start of the 1990s and which still results in variations today: these Light Progressions link "chronotopic" principles to her research into the symbolism of signs in a strongly visual work that makes use of light; 4)  and, lastly, the works in the cycle Deep Space that have appeared only recently. Through their directional triangulation and nuanced radiation, they create an impression of immateriality that seems to project them into interstellar space. The exhibition illustrates Nanda Vigo's creative power, which, in undergoing continuous renewal remote from stereotypes since the 1960s, has produced a considerable body of work that has influenced a generation of artists and designers with its originality and exemplary nature. Her unusual practice brings together the immaterial elements of light and its reflections, transparency and subjective illusion. Always in the artistic vanguard, Nanda Vigo has worked with many of the most noteworthy people in the art world, while remaining faithful to her goals. She strives to go beyond the need for technological contingencies, which she employs at the highest levels, achieving a high degree of immateriality in order to do away with all concept of matter and to achieve a philosophical and spiritual ideal of nature. In consequence, her work addresses our centres of sensorial perception as vectors of mental and psychological information. She has always preferred experimentation and the exploration of new paths: performances, installations and happenings are part of her artistic language, in parallel to her practice of architecture, which in turn led her towards design. Her work reveals the essence of form and light, from which she conjures up unique, timeless works that defy aesthetic definition: works that, due to their radiance, are able to interact with the invisible vibrations of the world.

On occasion of the exhibition will be published the art book "LIGHT TREK", edited by Nanda Vigo and containing Dominique Stella's text and images of the works in exhibition.