Marco Lodola | LODOLANDIA: Public art

2 February - 16 September 2007

Monday July 2nd at 06.30 p.m., in occasion of La Bella Estate dell'Arte 2007, Lodolandia, Marco Lodola's personal exhibition, has opened to continue untill September 16th 2007. The Sforzesco Castle (Sala Viscontea) hosted thirty works: light sculptures, plastics, templates on canvas and drawings, which tells about Lodola's art, started form Neo-futuristc and Amercan Pop experience, then improoved with long trials about the use of everyday materials, light e new technologies. Twenty bright sculptures, realized in metal sheet, drew a path around tawn, from via Dante to corso Vittorio Emanuele, passing trough piazza dei Mercanti and finally getting to piazza San Babila