Marco Lodola | LODOLANDIA: Public art

2 February - 16 September 2007
Monday July 2nd at 06.30 p.m., in occasion of La Bella Estate dell'Arte 2007, Lodolandia, Marco Lodola's personal exhibition, has opened to continue untill September 16th 2007. The Sforzesco Castle (Sala Viscontea) hosted thirty works: light sculptures, plastics, templates on canvas and drawings, which tells about Lodola's art, started form Neo-futuristc and Amercan Pop experience, then improoved with long trials about the use of everyday materials, light e new technologies. Twenty bright sculptures, realized in metal sheet, drew a path around tawn, from via Dante to corso Vittorio Emanuele, passing trough piazza dei Mercanti and finally getting to piazza San Babila
Lodola's world, populated by figures without face, dancers, athlets, musicians and animals, neon skeletons, an immaterial universe, made out of light and silhouette, cables and plastic materials, has entered the heart of Milan. A dialogue with the town, with its bright advisories, with its bar signs and street forniture. Lodolandia, curated by architect Carlo Golgi, was a virtual planet of mind, but at the same time an instrument for "urban cosmetics", as told by the artist, in order to contact actually the feeling of the public in his ordinary life. Lodola refers to cinema, tv and music audience, looking for right contamination between various arts, searching for new impulses and creative incitement: He also tryes to update his works of art to the parametra of contemporary life. He featured many balds, such as Timoria, 883, Max Pezzali, Jovanotti, Andy from Bluvertigo and also with reknown writers, as Tiziano Scarpa and Aldo Busi. Marco Lodola curated also the image of important brand, drawing logos and advisory.
The exhibition was shown in a catalogue edited by Electa, where the exhibition itinerary troght Milan is described, with an introduction by Vittorio Sgarbi and an essay by Luca Beatrice. There are many other texts by Jovanotti, Renzo Arbore, Max Pezzali, Renato Barilli, Aldo Busi, Gillo Dorfles, Marisa Vescovo. To Luca Beatrice Marco Lodola said: "In Art I ask for the same impulsiveness as in rock'n'roll...I always hated artists who need instructions to be understood".