Isabella Nazzarri | CLINAMEN

solo show curated by Daniele Capra. Video by Adel Oberto
November 18, 2017

The exhibition CLINAMEN curated by Daniele Capra, features over twenty works by Isabella Nazzarri synthesizing the artist's research over the last two years, ranging from paintings on canvas to sculptures made of composite materials. The title of the exhibition, 'Clinamen', is derived from the Epicurean philosophy which guarantees freedom from deterministic form. The works are divided among the gallery's spaces in three parts: Air Room, Mirror Room, and Gold Room. This experience enables the visitor to understand the emotional depth characterizing each part of Nazzarri's works. In his poem 'De rerum natura', Tito Lucrezio Caro transposes the principles of Epicureanism. He does so by translating the Latin word 'clinamen' to the Greek noun parénklisis, meaning the path of atoms in their fall, in physical, material Epicurean form which enables the possibility of human freedom against determinism. The artistic development of Isabella Nazzarri's, 'Clinamen' expresses the creative, free, fluidity of continuous small movements and daily microdevices. A path made of temporal continuity, but also of infinite variations on which her painting and sculpture are filtered. In particular, Nazzarri's approach is the result of gesture and structure of the action which, itself, produces the shapes we see condensed onto the canvas or in sculptural form.

The Air Roomdisplays Nazzarri's two-dimensional works on canvas and paper, in which the negatively-charged ions and gestural aspects take shape in steady, chromatic form. Stronger marks and liquid brushes alternate freely by occupying the surface with seemingly random modes, the result of a visual process in which emotion and method blend.

The Mirror Room, in a more intimate atmosphere, displays three-dimensional work created by the use of resins, color and translucent elements. The works, characterized by great executive freedom, are revealed to the eyes of the spectator through the presence of a mirror showing what, at first glance, the spectator has missed.

The Gold Room is dedicated to unedited sculptures made of synthetic materials, which evoke the feel of a constellation of rocks, metaphysics and alienation. This expression represents an aerial landscape in which the gold color looks up and imagines far-away worlds.