Paolo Bini - Behind the Visible

Kooness, Kooness, Luglio 15, 2015

"Behind the visible" the exhibition of the talented artist Paolo Bini will start this week in Milan. From July 17th at the new MARYLING space, Piazza Gae Aulenti 1, Milan there will be displayed eleven of his artworks.
By Ivan Quadroni's opinion, this artist created an original working method, combining a formal analysis of reality with the emotional content of the image.

The starting point of his works is a real image, mainly a landscape or something morphologically concrete, which may be felt and therefore shared. This is later reduced to its essential elements - structure, colour, emotion - and then inserted in a basically Cartesian organisation: gummed‐paper modules put side by side to arrange vertical and horizontal diagrams. 

Each stripe is painted and applied to the support, a canvas or a panel, as a singular grammatical element of a wider period, the phrase of a language built step by step.The modules, distributed by a precise order, cover a homogeneous area and develop a complete structure.
The result is the combination of actions which, in reality, become the synthesis of different languages, from the Lyrical abstraction to Neo Geo, from Minimalism to Conceptual art via Informalism and Action painting.

At the core of everything there is colour. Colour translates the emotional geography of the landscapes seen and lived by the artist during his many trips in the Mediterranean, South Africa and continental Europe. It looks like a stratification of memories, a juxtaposition of temporal layers recognized as single memories,
independent impressions put back together by the artist for a wide and more complex vision. There is something more than simply producing
emotions through an optic perception. Beyond the horizon line of his rebuilt landscapes, between the orthogonal layouts of his smooth
visions, lies the most mysterious enigma ever, the never answered question regarding the deepest nature of mankind.