The title of the exhibition, “To relieve the world”, refers to the philosophical - anthropological element in the work of this artist. His signs are the basics of thought and action. They are the result of a relief process, which makes sources of possible meanings and senses available to continuous human interpretations.
ABC-ARTE S.r.l, 2015
Bilingual edition 96 pages
Publisher: ABC-ARTE S.r.l
ISBN: 978-88-95618-08-1
Dimensions: 26,5x19,2

To relieve the world, solo show with the patronage of Genoa Municipality, is the homage to Giorgio Griffa by ABC-ARTE Gallery.

The solo exhibition of the artist from Turin will open on Thursday October 8th 2015. The title is a philosophical concept deduced from Arnold Gehlen.

The exhibition, with the sponsorship of the Genoa Municipality, is curated by Ivan Quaroni and shows twenty works dated from 1968 to 1978, a crucial period full of important discoveries and experiments.


Giorgio Griffa is considered one of the major names in Abstractism, one of the most creative artists of "Analytical Painting" or "Pittura Pittura", born by the end of the Sixties.

His works are free canvases, never "stretched". Colour means action, sign is the result of a thought. The essental formal composition is distiguished by the use of signs, lines, stripes, arabesques, sometimes vague, other times with a uniform colour background. All painted straight on the rough canvas. It is an immediate painting, vivid and intense, executed with no hesitation and, at the same time, with true emotion. This way of painting focuses on colour and space, the essential aspects of the pictorial composition.


The canvases, support-free, are hanged on the walls. This intentional distance from the traditional elements of painting introduces an idea of motion and also a possibility to move beyond the limitations of the canvas.

Griffa experimented with the Golden Ratio, saying that "By his side, painting has a long memory of other than itself. The golden ration is part of this memory. It is not only painting or architecture, it is mathematics and philosophy; its endless number lies into the unknown and creates a bridge with the knowledge and emotion of our time."

The exhibition is realised in collaboration with Lorenzelli Arte.

An English and Italian catalogue, including a foreword from Dott.ssa Carla Sibilla of the Culture and Tourism Municipal Department, the essay by Ivan Quaroni and the images of all the selected works, will be published for this occasion.



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