"When I create my works, my feelings are a mix of yakekuso (desperation), fumajime (absence of seriousness) and charanporan(irresponsibility). Yakekuso is for me the condition of complete spiritual freedom, in which I become free from any limit and also my ability in itself becomes infinite. Fumajime is the refusal of the past. In the human society there have always been many codes, laws and rules, from the past till now. The refusal of all those rules is nothing but the future. At last, for charanporan I mean "the return to the real human shape". In other words, if the bonds of the society and those of the family did not exist, I think that in those conditions everything would be "charanporan". Man by nature has a great power, and when this power is expressed with desperation, absence of seriousness and irresponsibility, it becomes the manifestation of his true form."

Yasuo Sumi