Principio di Indeterminazione - L'Astrazione dopo l'Astrazione

curated by Ivan Quaroni
Antonio Borghese, Ivan Quaroni, 2016
Bilingual edition
Principio di Indeterminazione - L'Astrazione dopo l'Astrazione: curated by Ivan Quaroni
Publisher: ABC-ARTE S.r.l
Dimensions: 26,5x19,2
Pages: 96
ISBN: 9788895618111
€ 28.00

ABC-ARTE continues its own exhibition series, presenting the group show Uncertainty Principle, curated by Ivan Quaroni.The title Uncertainty principle refers to the epistemological consequences of Heisemberg’s theory in scientific research. It becomes an excuse to underline the radical subjectivity and freedom of the artistic studies by the Y generation.

In this book we collect the expressive summary of six young artists born between 1979 and 1987: Paolo Bini, Isabella Nazzarri, Matteo Negri, Patrick Tabarelli, Viviana Valla e Giulio Zanet.

Each of them have recently worked with ABC-ARTE in Milan, where they have been dedicated single solo shows.
The recognition of the basic ambiguity of visual language prevails in these artists, so does the final dismissal of the dichotomy between abstraction and representation, a legacy from the past.

Uncertainty principle studies the birth of a new abstract and polysemous sensitivity, expressed through a variety of mediums in discontinuity with classic abstraction codes. Each artist builds a different research path, so memory, presence, substance, transcendence help to reach wider reflections on the role of individuals, through the image creation and fruition processes.