Matteo Negri | Piano Piano

Curated by Alberto Fiz , with the critical contribution of Lorenzo Bruni
Alberto Fiz with the contribution by Lorenzo Bruni, 2017
Matteo Negri | Piano Piano: Curated by Alberto Fiz , with the critical contribution of Lorenzo Bruni
Publisher: ABC-ARTE
Dimensions: 26,5 x 19,2 cm
Pages: 116
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ABC-ARTE, in line with its connection activity between ideas and creative languages, continues its itinerary introducing Matteo Negri's solo exhibition Piano Piano, curated by Alberto Fiz with the critical contribution by Lorenzo Bruni.


This new and precious book, part of the bilingual series published by ABC-ARTE Edizioni, is dedicated to this exhibition to record a decisive moment for the research of an artist very close to our gallery.


Since many years, ABC-ARTE supports Matteo Negri's work and lyrical vision about art and making art. For this reason, we are proud to host the change that, from this moment onwards, will characterize his technical possibilities and his awareness of his own artistic research.


Matteo Negri's evolution towards his poetical side may be recognized by a visual point of view, through the gallery's rooms and the pages of this catalogue. e observer has the chance to follow the mental and practical processes at the heart of the exposed projects and works, connected to the tradition of environmental installations, relational and public arts.


Once more, we put our trust in a creative project involving our city. Differently from the past, the urban pattern is explored through very detailed experiments, which become artworks with multiple technical results.


In this phase, also the sculptural works, at the center of dialogue between object and image, become a sharing event thanks to the presence and contact of the visitor, who can see himself re ected on the mirroring surface of the artwork in an in nite number of solutions, together with the context around him.


Antonio Borghese

ABC-ARTE head Consultant & Curator