Isabella Nazzarri | Vita delle Forme

a cura di Ivan Quaroni
Ivan Quaroni , Antonio Borghese, 2016
Isabella Nazzarri | Vita delle Forme: a cura di Ivan Quaroni
Publisher: ABC-ARTE
Dimensions: 24 x 17 cm
Pages: 96
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In line with its activity of connection between ideas and creative lan- guages, ABC-ARTE supports now an exhibition conceived and awaited for a long time: Isabella Nazzarri's Life of forms, curated by Ivan Quaroni and realized at the C2 Contemporanea art gallery in Florence.ABC-ARTE dedicates to this exhibition the first number of its new catalogue series, focused on the external projects of young artists which are supported by our gallery.
This book studies the expressive style of Isabella Nazzarri's most recent works. It explores the gallery's collaboration with the artist through the ABC-ARTE Project Room in Milan and the collective exhibition Uncertainty Principle in Genoa.Isabella Nazzarri is a young artist who works in a very mature and perfectionist way. The deep awareness of her mission, her technical skills and theoretical studies show her as promising in the Italian artistic field. She develops her research, while remaining faithful to her precepts. She represents an individual reality through an abstract theoretical scheme.
The exhibition title Life of forms reveals Isabella's artistic world. Her irrational forms come to life thanks to a series of conceptual schemes.

Her last forms leave their reality as classifying systems. They are lib- erated in a spatial dimension, reflecting its subconscious, and be- come the result of a method beyond the symbols of classical figuration.
Antonio Borghese
ABC-ARTE head Consultant & Curator