Shelters and Libraries - Adalberto Abbate | Gaetano Cunsolo | Davide D'Elia

curated by Pietro Gaglianò
Antonio Borghse, Pietro Gaglianò, 2017
Shelters and Libraries - Adalberto Abbate | Gaetano Cunsolo | Davide D'Elia: curated by Pietro Gaglianò
Publisher: ABC-ARTE
Dimensions: 26,5x19,2cm
Pages: 114
ISBN: 9788895618159
€ 28.00

Within this book is documented an experience of representation of the events and facts that represent our collective memory that is subtracted, overwhelmed and discarded by the official and institutional channels of disclosure and archiving.


The three artists involved analyze two fundamental aspects of European cultural tradition, recalled by the title of the exhibition, taking on a fundamental role on the community dimension and the need to confer a cultural significance of the lived space as a place of coexistence between dominant and peripheral cultures.


Faced with the complexity of such a scenario, Adalberto Abbate, Gaetano Cunsolo e Davide D'Elia, re-interpret and upset seemingly ordinary contexts, developing deeper reflection on the dimension of new collective moral buildings.