Isabella Nazzarri | Clinamen

a cura di Daniele Capra
Antonio Borghese, Daniele Capra, Leonardo Caffo, 2017
Isabella Nazzarri | Clinamen: a cura di Daniele Capra
Publisher: ABC-ARTE
Dimensions: 26,5x19,2
Pages: 112
ISBN: 9788895618166
€ 28.00

This book, Clinamen, recorded the Nazzarri's first solo exhibition  realized by ABC-ARTE, which follows on collaborative path that the gallery has undertaken with the artist, developed through projects made in both public and private spaces. The temporal continuity of her work, it is here represented in a decisive moment, in which the creative, fluid and free path turns into new and structured variations.


The stylistic synthesis of the works presented, reaches the highest expressive freedom and a force capable to communicate, thanks to addictive visual rhythm, emotions, moments and   circumstances of our life.


Together with friend and curator Daniele Capra the exhibition project of the show - whose title ‘Clinamen’ derives from the Epicurean concept which explains the freedom of men from any deterministic - it has been structured into three areas in relation to the emotional background characterizing each series of works.


The Air Roomdisplays the last two-dimensional works on canvas and paper, in which not-figurative and gestural elements are painted over flat colour surfaces. The Mirror Room, in a more intimate atmosphere, instead, are collected three-dimensional works, Monadi (once again the philosophy!), created by the use of materials, as resins and pigments. Lastly, the Gold Roomis dedicated to  aerial sculptures, Epifanie, gold colored metaphysical rocks.


Clinamen's exhibition collects the Isabella's work developed over the last two years, and it represents a starting point that allows us to seize her evident talent, from which we can only expect, in the future, further infinite evolutions.