Luca Serra | AƱil

a cura di Flaminio Gualdoni
Antonio Borghese, Flaminio Gualdoni, 2018

Publisher: ABC-ARTE

ISBN: 9788895618180

Dimensions: 26,5x19,2

pages: 124

The personal exhibition dedicated to Luca Serra at ABC-ARTE is documented within this volume, summarizing the basics of artist's observation analysis.


Observing Luca Serra’s artwork is an intense, timeless experience, in which several factors contribute to making it a vision clearly no longer abstract. 


The title, Añil (Indigo), refers to the dominant presence of a blue in contrast with the earth tones that structure the composition of the canvas itself. A way of painting, his, which deepens the direct relationship between gesture and surface, leading the viewer to a reflection around the very nature of painting. 


In his work, through an acquisition and great technical skill, colour, transformed from tone to timbre (the pictorial work derives from a cast of painting on a sculptural basis), obliges the surface to return the gesture. 


On the show, unpublished works on paper and canvas have been collected, some of which great dimensions, which are the result of a reflection on the dynamism and energy inherent in the main element of the exhibition: the blue colour.


In Serra, through a gestural representation capable of representing a real volume arranged in solemn and almost sacral scenes, as well as in the Scrovegni Chapel and in antithesis to it, the blue lives in a balance between the gravitas of classical culture and the uncertainties and concessions of unreal contemporary background. 


The artist's bond with Spain, lived and absorbed in painting, is revealed unequivocally also in the titles of the works. Anything but interpretative, the denominations of the paintings preserve their suggestions, recalling and satisfying the aspirations of the artist.