Mauro Vignando | All that's missing is you

a cura di Milovan Farronato
Antonio Borghese, Milovan Farronato, 2018
Mauro Vignando | All that's missing is you: a cura di Milovan Farronato
Publisher: ABC-ARTE
Dimensions: 26,5x19,2
Pages: 83
isbn: 9788895618173
€ 28.00

All That's Missing Is You, Mauro Vignando's first solo show in ABC-ARTE with Milovan Farronato's curatorship, documents the questions on which the artist dialogues closely with the observer, through a real representation poised between pure abstraction and figurative attempt.


The title of the exhibition and the exhibited works echo a series of reflections on the current crisis that depriving everything of an apparent meaning, seems to dry up the daily life and values of society.


In the unpublished series of paintings entitled Black Painting, Mauro Vignando with a simple gesture imprints his "body" signature, an authentic signature, the artist's own signature: the great black monochromes, in fact, contain the trace of the physical encounter with the artist, who with his own shoulder voluntarily removed part of the pictorial film bringing with him part of the painting.


The artist wonders, for instance, if the disappearance of the subject is capable of generating an image or if the dismay due to a loss, whether of an affection or a material object, can emancipate the landscape behind it freeing it from the task of being a simple background.


The paradigm of this reflection is represented by the works Il piedistallo per l'ultima sigarettaand the big wooden crossUntitled, in which the almost total absence of the subject generates in the observer a sense of emptiness and displacement.


Among the other works on show, there is also a series of new works on double postcards,Postcards, such as portraits of minor personalities of the show, landscapes, architectures, all identical in origin, static and weighed down which through a special almost mechanical treatment of cuts and substitutions of parts, they become dynamic and narrative, ironic or paradoxical: duplication of a parallel reality that overlaps with force to the original image and seem to want to cancel it from our memory.