curated by Antonio Borghese
Antonio Borghese, 2007
LIGHTSHIP To LODOLA: curated by Antonio Borghese
Publisher: ABC-ARTE
Dimensions: 30x21x1,2
Pages: 116
ISBN: 9788895618005
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From 14th June to 15th September 2007, the prestigious Galatian Maritime Museum hosted an exhibition by Pavia artist, Marco Lodola, who showcased his most important works: from his first, luminous perspex from the 1980s right up to his present-day pieces, dedicated to the sea and the maritime world. 

The over 140 works on display included: silkscreen prints, pencil drawings, ink on paper, canvases with flourescent colours, enamel-painted perspex plastic works, abatjour, lightboxes, sculptures with bright wires, and large, luminous sculptures created with neon and perspex sheets. No one was left untouched: famous pin-ups, women with enviable silhouettes, dancers, musicians, sportsmen; and animals too, with elephants, birds, horses and, of course, maritime-theme works. 

The exhibition boasted an exceptional setting: the Galatian Maritime Museum. Its 10,000 square metres of exhibition space make it the Mediterranean's largest maritime museum. The artist will take over the entire exhibition space, transforming the museum into a kind of sensational container, in a lay-out that winds its way through the museum's multiple areas. Each floor was lit up by evocative sculptures, as the visitor was led through an absorbing artistic path mapped out by bright threads. 

The Lightship to Lodola exhibition saw also the preview of Shining, a limited series of precious, silver sculptures that consecrate the artist's best-known subjects. The LodolAndy section concludes the exhibition path: it displays works that are the result of synergy between Marco Lodola and Andy, keyboard player for Bluvertigo. Together, Andy the student and Lodola the master have created powerful works rich with fluorescent colours.
Lodola's countless admirers include Vittorio Sgarbi, who describes his works thus: Floating, staying on the surface without being superficial, that is the great peril of Lodola's art. Because pleasure is fast, fleeting; it exists only if we do not delve into our complicated problems, our intricate psychology, our eternal dissatisfactions.

The exhibition has been possible thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of the non-profit 
Associazione Promotori Musei del Mare e della Navigazione onlus (Association of Maritime and Navigation Museum Promoters). It was organised by ABC-ARTE, in concert with MuMA (Istituzione Musei del Mare e della Navigazione Institution of Maritime and Navigation Museums), with support from the Municipality of Genoa.

Exhibition organiser, ABC-ARTE, was founded by curator, Antonio Borghese, to create a place in which art could be expressed freely and in a dynamic way. The exhibition catalogue has been produced by ABC ARTE, with critical texts by Chiara Argenteri. Profits from the catalogue will be donated to the Fund for Child Renal Disease, which supports the Nephrology department at the Giannina Gaslini institute.