Michele Zaza. Viaggiatore assoluto

curated by Flaminio Gualdoni
ABC-ARTE, 2022

Publisher: ABC-ARTE.

ISBN: 9788895618272

Dimensions: 26,4x19,3x1,1

pages: 88

Documenting the exhibition that this book marks the beginning of the collaboration between Michele Zaza and ABC-ARTE and describes a voyage that unravels as a poetic stream flowing within the stages of a life. This is how the work of Michele Zaza has assumed a different character in the long process of its maturation. 

In his mythical explorations, Zaza has always remained faithful to the centrality of the body. In doing so, he has confronted the idea of a life as a journey, a place of real and magical events, always tied to a mental measure made up of affective flow and incessant intellectual rumination. 

The exhibition presents works that exemplify this journey: from Tempo e mimesi [Time and mimesis], 1975, to the triad Magico, Ritratto terrestre, Celeste [Magical, Terrestrial portrait, Celestial], 1978, the expansive Itinerario [Itinerary], 1980, Rivelazione segreta [Secret revelation], 2005 and the articulated Lo spazio del respiro [The space of a breath], 2012. 

Complex explorations – between magic and biography – have largely constituted his visual universe. Today it is possible to interpret that work from a broad diachronic perspective, from the 1970s to the most recent work, presented for the first time on this occasion, Pensiero cosmico [Cosmic thought].