Light Trek, Nanda Vigo. Works 1963 - 2014

curated by Dominique Stella and Nanda Vigo
Bilingual edition - Ita/Eng
Light Trek, Nanda Vigo. Works 1963 - 2014: curated by Dominique Stella and Nanda Vigo
Publisher: ABC-ARTE Srl
Dimensions: 22 x 22 cm - 8 5/8 x 8 5/8 in
Pages: 96
ISBN: 9788895618036
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LIGHT is the path of the stars

LIGHT is the consmogonic alphabet to read the galaxies

LIGHTs are the infinite spaces of the chakras of the mind and heart

LIGHTs are the refractions of mirrors that send back labyribth-like systems of light in which we lose and refind ourselves

LIGHT is the earth, the mother, in the perfect Light square, of the centre of Cheops

LIGHT is the swastika of the rays of Ra, costructor of the life and death in the chronotopic wheel of a becoming light

semptember 13th 1983 Nanda Vigo



We all know Nanda Vigo, an international renowned artist whose visionary genius influenced a whole generation of creative talents.

She is a hardworking artist in continuous transformation thanks to her overwhelming creativity. She met and collaborated with the most important artists of the post-war international avantgardes. She has been part of Zero group, one of the most revolutionary movement in Europe between the Fifties and Sixties.

She never stopped thinking, reflecting still, knowing how to read into her own mind and heart. As an extraterrestrial gift from the cosmos, she shapes the cryptic light vibrations with a memorable awareness: life hides into light.

She achieves a philosophical and spiritual ideal through her work. She hits our sensory perception .

The book Light Trek, edited during Vigo solo show in the ABC-ARTE Gallery, is focused on four main themes developed by the artist, from Cronotopi, now exposed at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, to the recent Deep space.

Her unique, timeless works reveal the essence of light and shape and, showing our inner life, they create a deep connection with the heart of our human condition.



Introduction of Mme Carla Sibilla, Councilor of Culture and Tourism

Introduction of Antonio Borghese, ABC-ARTE head Consultant & Curator

Light Trek poem, by Nanda Vigo

Preface of Dominique Stella


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