Italian Contemporary Art

Featuring works by Marcello Lo Guidice, Umberto Mariani and Gianfranco Meggiato.

Art in Italy is deeply rooted in the pages of Art History, from the Mosaics of the Ostrogoths to the Spatialist canvasses of Fontana. It has greatly influenced artistic scenes from all over the world. Nowadays, Italy hosts some of the most original and visionary artists. Opera Gallery Singapore is proud to showcase three of those talented artists - Marcello Lo Giudice, Umberto Mariani and Gianfranco Meggiato - in its exhibition Italian Contemporary Art.

With their thick layers of vibrant coloured pigments, the powerful works of Marcello Lo Giudice express admiration of the beauty of our planet and genuine interest in cosmic energies.

Playing with the contours of fabrics, Umberto Mariani is known for his complex draperies on irregular-shaped canvasses. His multi-dimensional works combine intricate drapery over elusive lead sheets: the fabric serves to conceal the mystery of the object beneath. Umberto Mariani’s enigmatic artworks thus echo the folded fabric in Classical sculpture.

Influenced by the undulating lines and reflective ponds of his homeland, Gianfranco Meggiato’s sculptures capture the essence of the Venetian bronze. Contemplative and energetic, his sculptures are reminiscent of traditional methods crafted with contemporary techniques.

Inspired by Italy’s rich history, our three artists explore lyrical colours and refined textures through abstract compositions, with innate sensibility.

We are delighted to present this exultant collection of sculptures and paintings, demonstrating Italy’s finest contemporary art. This show will be truly magnificent, and one not to be missed!

Gilles Dyan

Founder & Chairman Opera Gallery Group

Stéphane Le Pelletier

Opera Gallery Asia Pacific 

Dicembre 7, 2016