Yang Maoyuan:Eidos

2016.10.29 - 2016.12.10

Platform China is pleased to announce the new exhibition of Yang Maoyuan “Eidos . The opening reception is on Saturday, October 29, 2016; on view through December 20, 2016. The curator Bao Dong titled exhibition “Eidos”, referring to his work, which implies “He does not divide the world into form and content, but instead always grasps existence as a whole.”


In Bao Dong’s opinion, the art of Yang Maoyuan has always pursued some form of the nonexchangeable, the unexplainable, the unclassifiable, that which cannot be placed into the existing system of artistic discourse and meaning.Heterogeneity is a form of existence that cannot be encompassed in the system of society or be systematized in any way. This is precisely what lies at the core of avant-garde art, but for Yang Maoyuan, this is a heterogeneity of an ontological nature, rather than temporal discrepancy or political difference. His work is a process of pursuing or probing this heterogeneity. He references then removes context, reveals then conceals background, until that presence which cannot be restored emerges to be seen. What emerges from these shapes, masses, colors, materials or objects is always a primal form.


Unlike the purely conceptual nature of philosophy, Yang Maoyuan’s images with archaeological tones tend instead towards a cultural history existence. In employing these different images and shapes, he appears to be summoning some universal form, an existence that is self-sufficient like mathematics, independent of knowledge or experience—belonging to man, but transcending the individual, belonging to culture but approaching substantive existence.



Yang Maoyuan was born in Dalian, Liaoning Province,China in 1966.He graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Print Department in 1989. He lives and works in Beijing now. Selected solo exhibitions : Yang Maoyuan : Eidos, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing, China(2016); Gobi-Yang Maoyuan, Galllery 55, Shanghai , China (2015); From-Yang Maoyuan’s Secret, Chi Art Space, Hong Kong, China(2015) ;  Mandala - Yang Maoyuan, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing, China(2015); The Trace of Time, IHN Gallery, Seoul, Korea(2014); Yang Maoyuan 2010 , Today Art Museum, Beijing, China(2010); The Archetype, The Horse& The Qi , Alexander Ochs Galleries, Berlin, Germany(2008); Trace of the Time, White Space Gallery, China (2007). Selected group exhibitions :Clues•3,Mingsheng Art Museum,Beijing,China(2016); Western China International Art Biennale , Yinchuan Culture&Art Center, Yinchuan, China(2012); Face,Mingsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China(2012); Pervasion, 54th Venice Biennial, Chinese Pavilion,Venice, Italy(2011); Taswir - IslamischeBildwelten and Moderne, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin, Germany(2009); Mahjong – Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection, Kunstmuseum, Bern, Switzerland(2005).

Dicembre 14, 2016