Giulio Zanet paints the abstract in a extreme way: are lines, color balance in which what matters is only painting. The lack of subject focuses on the practice of painting. In a world overrun of figures, stories, narratives that make noise, the color is a silence that creates music. The Zanet's paintings are pure painting, with a colorful and drippings texture of lozenges that deliver a balance of form.
The exhibition intends to place the works of Zanet within one specifically created space to place the viewer within the picture: the abstract sign of Zanet leaves the canvas and includes the supporting wall and the floor to bring together the vision in a total absorption inside the color rhythm.
With “Plurimi” Emilio Vedova detachs the picture from the wall and installs in three-dimensional space, the painting tends to conquer space, achieving results also sculptural; with paintings by Zanet and installation is the viewer's gaze moves from the canvas to the surrounding space and then immersed in color.
Dicembre 6, 2016