Matteo Negri born in S. Donato Milanese (MI) nel 1982. After graduating in sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera - Milan in 2003, the artist created numerous installations for exhibitions at art galleries, public spaces and art fairs in Italy and abroad including Paris, Genoa, Brussels, Milan, Rome, Singapore, Honk Kong, Miami, London, Basel and Berlin.

His artistic practice uses materials from stone to ceramic, resin and plastic, all in expressive pop colors. One series by the artist is based on a subversion of the idea of a depth-charge. Using real, decommissioned, depth-charges and mines, he explores how bright colors and unexpected settings can turn a destructive weapon into something resembling a large gemstone. Negri's submarine jewels have a hypnotic seduction and shape which makes the viewer forget the violence of their actual function. This clear split between form and meaning is also something one sees elsewhere in popular culture, where clever marketing can turn even the most ugly or boring products into curious objects of desire.

A second series starts from a close inspection of the children's building material Lego. In this series, Negri uses Lego as a metaphor for children's inherent desire to build and create their own personalities. Yet the freedom and self-expression Lego appears to offer, is quickly funneled into archetypical, linear forms which are compatible with the geometry of the Lego system. In Negri's work, the system itself is subverted, and self-determination is given the space to play itself out. Matteo Negri currently lives and works in Milan.





Solo Exhibitions


Navigator Roma - Verrà se insisto a sbocciare non visto, curated by Laura Cherubini, Museo Carlo Bilotti, Roma


Greetings from mars, curated by Flaminio Gualdoni and Alberto Zanchetta, MAC Lissone, Lissone.



Drop the dots, Axel Pairon Contemporary Art Gallery, Knokke, Belgio


Diciassette Sculture a colori, a cura di Pietro Gaglianò, Lorenzelli Arte, Milano



Matteo Negri | Piano Piano, curated by A. Fiz critical contribution L. Bruni, ABC-ARTE, Genoa, IT, Catalogue ABC-ARTE


Matteo Negri | Splendid Villa with garden, charming view, curated by F.Gualdoni e D. Capra, ABC-ARTE with Casa Testori, Milan, IT, Catalogue Casa Testori


Matteo Negri Straight into the corner, curated by V. Cohen,Galleria Kompatscher, Bressanone, BZ



MULTIPLICITY, curated by I. Quaroni, ABC-ARTE for MARYLING, Milan, IT


Dis-moi une chose, curated by A. M. Martini, Melzi Fine Art, Milan, IT


Kamigami, Galleria Monopoli, Milan, IT



Il favoloso mondo di Teo!, curated by R. Semeraro, Palazzo Morelli Fine

Arts, Todi, IT, Catalogue Palazzo Morelli Fine Arts


Una cosa molto divertente che non rifarò mai più, curated by V. Contiand M. Farronato, Galleria ABC-ARTE, Genoa, IT, Catalogue ABC-ARTE



Drop Me a Line, curated by G. Cappellini, Cappellini showroom, Brussels, BG



Super L’Ego, curated by P. Chicheportiche, M. Zappile Galerie 208, Paris FR, Grand Palais Art Paris 2011, Paris, FR, Catalogue Fabbrica Eos e Galerie 208



L’Egoïsme, curated by P. Chicheportiche Galerie 208, Paris, FR



L’Ego ©, curated by P. Chicheportiche Galerie 208, Paris, FR, Catalogue Galerie 208



L’Ego ©, curated by I. Quaroni Fabbrica Eos, Milan, IT, Catalogue Fabbrica Eos


Ogni cosa era più antica dell’uomo e vibrava di mistero, curated by L. Doninelli, S.Facchinetti Ex oratorio di S.Lupo, Bergamo, IT, Catalogue Diocesano Museum of Bergamo



In Vitro, curated by I. Quaroni, Galleria Annovi Arte Contemporanea, Sassuolo, Modena, IT, Catalogue Annovi Arte Contemporanea





Piccolo Paesaggio, curated by G. Agosti Galleria Obraz, Milan, IT, Catalogue Galleria Obraz




Motor Show, curated by G. Frangi, M. Mojana, Spazio Vita, Milan, IT, Catalogue Spazio Vita


Motor Power Engine, curated by M.Mojana Officina Etnica, Milan, IT, Catalogue Officina Etnica




Group Exhibitions



Principio Di Indeterminazione, curated by I. Quaroni, ABC-ARTE, Genoa, IT  Catalogue ABC-ARTE



Stop at Nothing. Italian art from the 1950s to today, Alon Zakaim Fine Art |Melzi Fine Art, 01-30 October 2015, London



HARMONIES and DISCREPANCIES: path in the Italian art between the twentieth and the twenty-first century, Partners & Mucciaccia, Singapore, SH




Un pallino in testa, Galleria ABC-ARTE, Genoa, IT




Lolly Pop, curated by P. Chicheportiche Galerie 208, Paris, FR, Catalogue Galerie 208


Spring Calling, Galleria Obraz Spazio Bigli, Milan, IT


Milano Jam, curated by Stark Projects & Day + Gluckman Collyer Bristow Gallery, London, UK

Catalogue Collyer Bristow Gallery




Super Brand, curated by I. Stark, Andaz Hayatt Hotel Liverpool Street, London, UK

Catalogue Fabbrica Eos




Pensiero Fluido, curated by A. M. Martini, Spazio Oberdan, Milan, IT

Catalogue Spazio Oberdan


Pop Comics World Galerie 208, Paris, FR

Catalogue Galerie 208


L’Impero degli Oggetti, curated by Galleria Annovi Arte Contemporanea Spazio Paggeria Arte, Sassuolo (Mo), IT

Catalogue Galleria Annovi Arte Contemporanea


Spaghetti Pop, curated by Studio d’Arte Fioretti Studio d’Arte Fioretti, Treviolo (Bg), IT


Biennale di Venezia curated by V. Sgarbi, Palazzo Tè, Mantua, IT




Regards to Time & Space, curated by S&G Gallery S&G Gallery,

Berlin, DE

Catalogue S&G Gallery


The Expanded Ego, curated by Studio d’Arte Fioretti Studio d’Arte Fioretti, Treviolo (Bg), IT

Catalogue Studio d’Arte Fioretti


Il Sorriso del Gatto, curated by M. Corgnati Galleria Silvano Lodi, Milan, IT

Catalogue Galleria Silvano Lodi


Giorni Felici, 22 Artisti in 22 Stanze a Casa Testori, curated by Ass.Testori Ass.Testori,Novate Milanese (Mi), IT

Catalogue Ass. Testori




Eterofilie, curated by I. Quaroni Galleria Annovi Arte Contemporanea, Sassuolo (Mo), IT

Catalogue Galleria Annovi Arte Contemporanea


Ionization, curated by S. Castelli Spazio Bigli, Milan, IT

Catalogue Spazio Bigli


Quadri per un’Esposizione, curated by M. Mojana, Cultural Center, Milan, IT


Ideators, curated by M. Gentili Fondazione Mudima, Milan, IT

Catalogue Fondazione Mudima


Auction x ADISCO Lombardia, curated by I. Quaroni, Sotheby's Milan, Milan, IT

Catalogue Sotheby's


Camera con Vista, curated by G. Marziani Galleria Romberg, Rome, IT

Catalogue Galleria Romberg


Segni (Signs), curated by M. Di Marzio Galleria S. Lorenzo, Milan, IT

Catalogue Galleria S. Lorenzo


Lo Stato dell’Arte, curated by Galleria Obraz Galleria Obraz, Milan, IT




Sculture da Viaggio, curated by M. Sciaccaluga Galleria del Tasso, Bergamo, IT

Catalogue Galleria del Tasso





Sound Check, curated by M. Casati Collegio Cairoli, Pavia, IT




Salon Palazzo della Permanente, Milan – Giovani artisti dell’Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera II Biennale di Scultura in Pietra di Vicenza, curated by P. Gallerani, F. Fiorella Zovencedo, Vicenza, IT




Spazio Clandestino Arte, curated by D. Rondoni and M. Mojana, Meeting di Rimini, Rimini, IT






Public Installations



Contexto 2016, curated by Casa Testori, Sculptures in public spaces Edolo, Brescia, IT


Matteo Negri Straight into the corner, curated by V. Cohen,Galleria Kompatscher, Bressanone, BZ


Delle più belle, le parole, curated by ABC-ARTE, Sculptures in public spaces, Piazza Bernardino Luini, LAC | Palace Caffè, Lugano, SV




In Love, curated by Galleria ABC-ARTE, & Cerruti Arte Contemporanea, Public Spaces, Santa Margherita, Genoa, IT


A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again, 4 sculptures in4 squares in Genoa Curated byGalleria ABC-ARTE, Public Spaces, Genoa, IT

Catalogue by Galleria ABC-ARTE


Art Stage Singapore, Singapore, SH




Parcours Out Fiac 2012 curated by Galerie 208 Sculptures in public spaces, Paris, FR

Catalogue by Galerie 208




L’Ego Forever Curated by P. Addis Sculpture commissioned for a column of the new Lombardia Palace, Milan, IT

Catalogue by Maretti Editore


Parcours Off 7 curated by Galerie 208 Sculptures in public spaces, Paris, FR




Fragile - Handle with Care curated by Bonelli Arte and Annovi Arte Contemporanea Castello di Spezzano, Fiorano Modenese, Modena, IT




Hyper-Organic, Emerging Environment curated by P. Addis and J. Ceresoli Fondazione La Triennale, Milan, IT

Catalogue by Fondazione La Triennale


Dissonances. Artists in the Arena curated by G. Frangi Sala Appiani, Arena of Milan, Milan, IT

Catalogue by Spazio Vita




Alarms 2. The Change of Guard, curated by I. Quaroni, N. Mangione, A. Trabucco, C. Antolini Caserma de Cristoforis, Como, IT

Catalogue by Associazione Caserma de Cristoforis




Milan Africa Curated by M. Mojana Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, IT

Catalogue by Comune di Milano




Superplastic, Sculptures of Disequilibrium curated by I. Quaroni, Castello di Casalgrande, Alto, Reggio Emilia, in collaboration with Annovi Arte Contemporanea, Modena, IT

Catalogue by Annovi Arte Contemporanea




With Love 3, by Vita Club, curated by M. Mojana Palazzo dell’Arengario, Milan, IT

 Catalogue by Vita Club






Art Fairs



The Armory Show, NYC, USA

Art Cologne, Cologne , DE

Art Paris, Paris, FR

Miart - art Fair, Milan, IT

Wopart – works on paper art fari, Lugano , CH




MiArt, Art Fair Milan, IT

Acquisition Mind the white line (100x100x20 cm, crome and laquared iron) to Fondo di Acquisizione Fondation Art Fair Milan “Giampiero Cantoni” ArtVerona, presented by Galleria ABC-ARTE, Verona, IT

Kunst, presented by Galleria ABC-ARTE, Zurich, SV

Wopart, presented by Galleria ABC-ARTE, Lugano, SV




St-Art, Strasburg Art Fair, presented by Galleria 208, Paris, FR




Art Stage Singapore 2013, presented by Galleria Officine dell’Immagine Milan, Singapore, SH




Multiplied Art Fair 2012, presented by Tag Fine Art, Christie’s, London, UK

Fine Art Asia 2012, presented by Novalis Contemporary Art, Hong Kong, PRC

Scope Miami, presented by Galleria Officine dell’Immagine Milano, Miami, FL

2012 Scope Basel, presented by Galleria Officine dell’Immagine Milano, Basel, CH

The London Original Print Fair, presented by Tag Fine Arts, Royal Academy, London, UK

London Art Fair, presented by Tag Fine Arts, Business Design Centre, London, UK




The Road to Contemporary, presented by Galleria Fabbrica Eos, Milan, IT




MiArt 2010, presented by Galleria Fabbrica Eos, Milan, IT




MiArt 2009, presented by Galleria Fabbrica Eos, Milan, IT

ArtVerona, presented by Galleria Fabbrica Eos, Verona, IT




MiArt 2008, presented by Galleria Fabbrica Eos, Milan, IT




MiArt 2007, presented by Galleria Obraz, Milan, IT

Art First - Arte Fiera Bologna, present da Galleria Obraz, Milan, Bologna, IT