My work starts from the geometric abstraction tradition, that I elaborate through non-conventional materials; the use of signs, collage and recycled materials is refered to an intimate dimension, a sort of diary which over the years has become increasingly cryptic and hermetic. My previous insetion of words and sentences has been gradually supplanted by the use of post-it note, that is a typicall format for a fragmented form of writing, and the main constituent material of my most recent paintings. Each post-it note is covered with a dense texture of painterly gestures and deletions, up to hide its original color, which reappears only in small and marginal parts of the painting. The theme of denial and censorship is predominant in my poetry, and implies the attempt to show what is underlying, concerning the practice of painting rather than the context of feelings and emotions.

Sometimes the stratification of gestural or pictorial layers hide the underlying layers, other times it goes to delete and remove what has been done previously, leaving as a result only the chromatic traces of the post-it notes.













color dissolves into brushes and fragmentary modules.