My work has always been about metamorphosis and transformation. I let myself pass through the substance, the color, and what is being evoked by the matter itself. From there a process is born, meaningful and ritual, which leads me to concretize this mood in a work.

My works are gestational atlases that come from memories. Not necessarily visual, often sensory and sinesthetic memories. Not even personal memories, at least not only. I would often say archetypal memories.

The elements that make up my language can not be attributed to a unique meaning, always floating in an ambivalence that puts the spectator in a perceptual short-circuit.

My works have more sense than a concept, they rely on a sensory plane that invites the spectator to participate with his own personal sensibility.

I am interested in investigating the fascination of matter and its transformation, the form as gesture of self-affirmation. The process through which a work is born is never premeditated, but rather reveals itself through itself as a continuous reflection.