Giulio Zanet was born in Colleretto Castelnuovo (1984), lives and works in Milan.


Putting in place a process of abstraction, Zanet realizes works that deal with the documentation of moments and reflections of everyday life and the question of how these can be represented. His work is an investigation on the images, the representation of the world, as well as depiction of ideas that find their fulfillment through painting.

The ambiguity and the evidence, repetition, variation, rules and omissions, the acceptance and rejection are elements that Zanet brings into play to bring the viewer to question the meaning of the work.

His works do not refer to recognizable forms and the results are deconstructions of the real meaning of which is open to possible interpretations and multifaceted.

This increases the dynamic between author and audience, highlighting the inability to objectify the emotions and eternal duality that govern the world.

His works do not show a complete structure, tell stories without excerpts of subjects and verbs, and endlessly curious suggest metaphors.

The artist and the viewer can easily imagine their own interpretation without being hindered by historical reality.