Bernard Aubertin’s monochromy represents the pictorial silence: the work of art must not be a description, it has nothing to say, nothing to express. The work of art is a transposition of the existence, of the spirit and, for this reason, it cannot be explained through graphic signs, words, shapes. Bernard Aubertin was one of the founders of the Dusseldorf Zero Group. Since the 60’s his works have been displayed all over Europe and in the United States, including the R.Guggenheim Museum (New York), the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam) and the Palais de Tokyo (Paris). His works are hosted in many different museums and also in the permanent collections of the Musée de Graz, Museum of Dusseldorf and the Centre National de l’Art Contemporain (Paris). From 1990 he leaved and worked in Germany until he died in 2015.